img sg2 deep draft ship repair

Deep draft facility suitable for lay-birthing, ship repair (Government Approved), heavy industrial, marine construction, and large fabrication projects located strategically on the James River.

River Port, LLC operates on 84 acres, with two 1,000-foot piers, 1300’ of bulkhead (29’ depth at bulkhead), 12 acres of laydown, office spaces providing naval repair infrastructure, and services not available anywhere else in the Hampton Roads area. The facility is outfitted with power, HVAC, internet, sewage, fire main, potable water, cranes, and so much more.

River Port’s vast waterfront property is available for lease as needed for short-term and long-term projects. Eliminating the cost associated with owning a waterfront facility and the constant maintenance and repairs that come along with it.

River Port’s waterfront property can accommodate a broadly diverse group of vessel owners and operators, such as: